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While we give insulin and diabetic supplies to struggling families, our main initiative is to teach them to make a sustainable income.

Agriculture is the backbone of the Kenyan economy.  Smallholder farmers produce 75% of Kenya’s agricultural outputs. However, thousands of farmers in Kenya struggle to make a living from the small pieces of land that they own. 
With limited funds available, a farm family’s needs such as school fees, medical expenses and even daily meals compete with the needs of their farms. Poor quality seeds, no fertilizer or pesticide, and substandard feed for livestock all add up to lower yields that perpetuate poverty.

Through HADIA’s trained agents, we aim to teach our recipients a farming method where with as small as a quarter acre of land they are able to maximize their farm use and make a sustainable income. We help them with grants to buy resources needed for this organic integrated farming method of crops and animals.  With the knowledge and education and aid we give to the farmers, they are able to make a decent income to live on, including buying medicine and sending their children to school. Your donation helps HADIA makes it possible for more agents to be trained and more farmers reached.

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