Double your impact today: you can help thousands improve their lives


Enable the poorest of the poor to survive COVID—and escape poverty permanently.


Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, HEROES AGAINST DIABETES IN AFRICA (HADIA) has worked tirelessly this year to select beneficiaries to receive a $100 cash grant that covered one family’s basic necessities (KSH 3582 or USD 33)/month.

Each family supported is pictured with the shopping items they bought using their monthly gift.

Sarah’s husband died several years ago leaving her to take care of her 6 children and grandchild.  Five of her children are in school. Sarah works as a house girl in a neighboring town to Kibera slum where she lives.  She and her first born son Joseph have  not worked since the lockdown depending on the generosity of neighbors.

Joan’s husband had travelled upcountry when the country went under lockdown due to COVID-19.  Like Sarah,  she too is a maid. She has not worked since the lockdown and her husband is not able to support her and their newborn baby.

Luka has 4 children. They are not able to attend school due to lack of school fees so they all work in a factory in the  Industrial Area of Nairobi, where they walk miles from their home in Kibera Slum.  The factory where they work was closed down leaving them unemployed.

Become a sustaining donor

A gift of $33 enables a quarantined family to survive another month.
For a gift of $100, can give a greengrocer cash relief to fund her business and buy medicine.